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Membership is open to all indigenes of Ezinachi either by birth, naturalization or marriage.


Any indigene of Ezinachi who wishes to become a member of the Initiative shall obtain and complete the Initiative’s membership registration form with a non-refundable fee of N5,000 (five thousand Naira).

The completed membership registration form shall be returned to EDI’s secretariat.

The completed registration form shall be tabled before EDI at the General Meeting for voting and a win of 2/3 majority of the members present automatically earn the intending member the membership of EDI effective from the date of the voting.


Any member who wishes to withdraw his / her membership shall apply in writing to EDI for withdrawal of membership.

The membership withdrawal application shall be submitted to EDI’s secretariat.

The withdrawal application form shall be tabled before the Initiative at its meeting for review and approval. On approval of the withdrawal application, the member ceases to be a member of the Initiative effective from the date of submission of the withdrawal application letter to EDI’s secretariat.

A membership withdrawal application letter shall not be approved until the withdrawing member fully pays his / her entire financial obligation to the Initiative.

On approval of withdrawal of a member, the member’s benefits shall be paid to him / her. 


(a) Any de-registered member shall go through the normal registration process for re-admission into the Initiative.


Ezinachi Development Initiative shall maintain a bank account with any bank of its choice in Nigeria as may be agreed in the General Meeting.

The sources of the Initiative’s funding shall be by membership registration fee, annual levy, donations, special levy as well as grants and loan from within and outside Nigeria.

The signatory to EDI’s bank account shall be the President, the Financial Secretary and the Treasury.

The bank withdrawal MANDATE shall be the signatures of the President and any of the Treasury or the Financial Secretary.

All the signatories to the bank account shall receive the bank transaction alert.


All intending members shall pay non-refundable registration fee of N5,000 (five thousand Naira) only.

Application or nomination for membership of the Initiative shall be presented by a financial member and supported by two financial members.


All members shall pay annual levy of N30,000 or as may be agreed in the General Meeting. The annual levy shall be due every 1 January of each year.


Based on the financial needs of the Initiative, all members shall pay any other levy agreed by the Initiative to raise fund required in the furtherance of its cause.


The Initiative accepts donations made by members and non-members in the pursuit of its objectives.