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Our programmes are derived from our Aims and Objectives as defined in our constitutions.

(a) To promote peace, unity and love amongst its members.
(b) To promote peace, unity and love amongst Ezinachi People.
(c) To promote progress and development of Ezinachi Community.
(d) To identify, guard and seek to develop natural endowment, prospects and talents in Ezinachi Community.
(e) To preserve the socio-cultural heritage of Ezinachi Community.
(f) To identify with any Local, State or / and Federal Government organization whose activities are of interest to Ezinachi Community.
(g) To organise Ezinachi people (“the people”) for the promotion and progress of Ezinachi Community.
(h) To Promote and support collaboration and consolidations to increase capacity to provide essential and diverse services to Ezinachi Community.
(i) To create a sense of cooperation, integration and unity among the people.
(j) To motivate the people to participate in the developing Ezinachi Community programs.
(k) To highlight the causes of various problems affecting Ezinachi community and hinder the way of progress and development.
(l) To implement programs required for the fulfillment of the people’s basic needs.
(m) To mobilise the resources to create a suitable ground for the basic needs completion and eradication of problems.
(n) To bring coordination between the individuals, groups and organisations to focus their point and challenge their objectives for fulfillment.
(o) To launch necessary reforms in the community for eradication of community evils.
(p) To develop democratic leadership among the people through their participation in community programs.
(q) To raise and attract funds in the form of grants, donations and loans from within and outside Nigeria for community development and empowerment of Ezinachi people.
(r) To seek the assistance of donor agencies in various forms in the implementation of the community projects.
(s) To create developmental and empowerment vehicles, such as Cooperative Societies and the likes, to drive community prosperity in Ezinachi.